Botox injections are a common cosmetic treatment to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles. The injections will temporarily relax the muscles in your face to give you a more youthful look. The procedure only takes a few minutes and does not require any downtime, so you can go about your usual activities afterward.


Reduce wrinkles on your forehead and between your eyebrows.

As we age, natural expression lines may develop on our foreheads, between the eyebrows, around lips, and eyes, making peopfeel and look tired. These wrinkles result from excessive facial expressions and can give a perplexed appearance. Our personalized Botox treatments can smoothen your skin and reverse these signs of aging.


Botox is a type of injection that helps reduce wrinkles on your face. It belongs to a group of similar injections called neuromodulators or wrinkle relaxers. These injections are made of botulinum toxin, which can stop nerves from communicating with muscles. Facial wrinkles happen when certain muscles are overused or contracted. When you get Botox injections, the muscles causing your wrinkles are temporarily paralyzed. This helps smooth the wrinkles away.


Botox can stop wrinkles from appearing. If you get Botox in your 20s, your face muscles won't cause permanent wrinkles. Getting Botox early can help you stay youthful-looking well into your 30s or 40s.

Botox has minimal post-treatment side effects, with redness, swelling, tenderness, bruising, and numbness around the treatment areas being the most common. These side effects typically disappear within a few days.

You might notice slight improvements in your facial skin after a few days. But the final results of Botox may take 1 to 2 weeks to appear, so you need to be patient.

Most patients opt for 3 to 4 Botox treatments per year to maintain youthful skin for life.

The Botox treatment is a simple process that takes less than 30 minutes. First, we cleanse your facial skin and apply a numbing gel to ensure your comfort during the procedure. Then, we carefully inject the appropriate units of Botox into your targeted facial muscles using ultrafine needles. Our goal is to perform natural-looking wrinkle correction without freezing your expressions.

Botox doesn’t involve any downtime. You may resume your daily activities and work immediately after your treatment. But you should avoid strenuous physical activities for a day or two.

The duration of Botox's effects is typically between 3 to 4 months. It's worthwhile to note that after around 3 months, your facial wrinkles will slowly start to reappear, and therefore you may require further touch-ups.

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