Advanced Health & Wellness provides customized healthcare solutions with a team of highly skilled healthcare professionals. We offer a range of healthcare services including routine exams, preventive care, and other Medford primary care services to support your overall health and wellness goals.

Our most popular Medford Primary Care services


As part of our commitment to providing quality information, we educate our patients of the various options available to help reduce wrinkles. Wrinkle relaxers are a popular choice that involve using a purified protein, typically a neuromodulator, to interrupt nerve signals in targeted muscles responsible for expression lines.


Medical weight loss services in Medford offer a comprehensive approach that involves working with a team of professionals committed to helping you achieve and maintain your weight loss goals. Unlike conventional dietary restrictions, medical providers at our facility create a personalized weight loss plan tailored to your unique needs.


Chronic illnesses and diseases can greatly impact your life, and without proper care, they can pose a serious threat. However, our chronic illness care in Medford is designed to manage your condition and provide you with the support you need to continue living comfortably and fully.


The importance of prevention in maintaining a healthy life cannot be overstated. Our team of medical professionals, led by experts in the field, takes a comprehensive approach to your health and wellness. Our goal is to work with you to identify and implement the best strategies to prevent diseases from taking root.


Our medical facility offers care for non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses to patients as young as 2 years old. We specialize in treating common health issues like fevers, sore throats, allergies, and injuries. If you need immediate medical attention, our providers are here to help. 


Women’s healthcare needs are different from men’s. It is crucial to have a healthcare provider who comprehends these needs and can guide you through every stage of your life. Women undergo significant changes in their bodies from reproductive health to menopause and beyond.

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