Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers offer a non-invasive aesthetic solution to rejuvenate the skin by restoring volume and smoothing out wrinkles and lines. Our aesthetics clinic in Medford provides an array of dermal filler options that deliver natural-looking results.

Our most popular Dermal Fillers services


Sculptra is a shot that makes your face look fuller again if you’ve lost collagen because of getting older or sick. It has something called poly-L-lactic acid that helps create more collagen in your face. Doctors sometimes give this shot to HIV patients who have lost fat in their face.


Revanesse Versa is a treatment that dermatologists use to reduce wrinkles on the face, like the ones around the nose and mouth. It is a safe and approved way to do this, by injecting hydrochloric filler. It works really well and can last up to a year. Also, it’s not a surgery and you will see results right away.


Radiesse is a skin treatment given through an injection that helps to remove wrinkles, folds and lines by stimulating your body’s natural collagen. It works best on the skin around your nose and mouth and can also help to reduce fat on your face. Medical professionals suggest this treatment for people aged between 35 to 60 years.


Resilient hydrochloric acid is the latest invention in dermal filler science. The formula is designed mainly for the dynamics of your facial movements. Therefore, the volume provides a more natural appearance that can adapt to the movement without breaking down so fast.

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